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Inspiring the next generation of community minded leaders


Count Me In is the world's largest youth-led organization, inspiring student leadership through media, school tours, live summits, and coaching. 

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Be inspired! Watch clips from the Count Me In Global Broadcast, featuring world-renowned speakers, and performers.

Bring the Count Me In movement to your school! Empower your community with a presentation from one of our top youth speakers.

Working on a community project? We want to hear all about it! Submit your story to win seed grants, scholarships and more!

The Count Me In Global Student Leadership Summit ® gives students unparalleled access to world-class speakers, expert trainers and caring mentors.

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Watch exclusive clips from the largest youth-run event in history!

Teens have a lot to offer the world besides angst, hormones and body odor. The Count Me In Global Broadcast was the largest event ever produced by a team of youth. That's right - a star studded motivational variety show, airing live in 100+ countries around the world, planned and executed entirely by a passionate and committed team of student leaders. And now, you can experience exclusive clips from the global event ON-DEMAND! Watch performances by top youth speakers, award winning musical artists, young leaders and teen icons!

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Submit Your Community Project!

We believe in the power of bringing people together to spark meaningful connection, celebrate diversity, and unite communities. At Count Me In, we develop educational programs, leadership training and media content designed to inspire and mobilize young people, and help them develop skills they will carry throughout their lives. We offer youth a platform to share the causes they care about, and the projects they are creating to help. Through live events and transmedia storytelling, we have created a peer-to-peer mentorship network that allows students to share their projects, ideas, and successes with others in their community, and around the world. Join this grassroots community of changemakers by submitting your Connected Community Project to our map.

Count Me In Volunteer Map, 100 Million Volunteer Hours Recorded
volunteer hours recorded to date

Count Me In was started by Shane Feldman, following his challenging transition into high school. What started as a small project remarkably went viral, and has since evolved into the global phenomenon known as Count Me In. Committed to transforming the way teens see themselves in connection to the world through volunteerism and mentorship, Count Me In is now the largest youth-led organization in the world. Since our first program in 2011, Count Me In Community Members have organized and supported thousands of service projects, contributing to over 100 million volunteer hours logged to date, valued at over $2.6 Billion. Count Me In is a global leader in immersive and practical student leadership training, and community building. Our programs support local and global causes, and build social connections and self-esteem, which can help prevent depression, improve mental health, and build confidence.

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Gratitude to our Founding Supporters

Count Me In is a non-profit charity that was founded by Shane Feldman when he was in high school. Count Me In works with celebrity talent, top youth speakers, performers and media personalities including award winning director Shelagh O’Brien (Director, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Sochi 2014),[12] Ben Knechtel (Music Video Director, Carly Rae Jepsen, Chris Hadfield, Juno TV),[13] Josh Shipp (A&E, Lifetime), Luke Bilyk (Degrassi, Lost Girl), Jessie Funk (America’s Got Talent, The Voice), Cody Simpson (Universal Music Group), Kevin Breel (Random House Author, TED Speaker), Ashley Leggat (twice Gemini nominated actress), Hunter March (AwesomenessTV), Carlos Guevara (X Factor USA), Kristen Chenoweth (Emmy & Tony award winner), Nikki Yanofsky (Quincy Jones, A440 Entertainment), Ashley Leggat Luke Bilyk Cody Simpson Alli Simpson Cimorelli Kevin Breel Thomas Sanders Hunter March Jessica Tyler Carlos Guevara (X Factor USA) Josh Shipp Perdita Felicien Kristen Chenoweth Rick Mercer Matt Webb (Marianas Trench) The Treble, and our founder Shane Feldman

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