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Recognized by The White House, Prime Minister of Canada, and United Nations, Shane Feldman delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes on connection, community building, and leadership.


An award-winning speaker for students, teachers, and caring adults, Shane has been featured by LARRY KING, DR. OZ, FORBES, PEOPLE MAGAZINE, and his documentary TV series (A&E) follows his work mentoring teens. Shane has spoken for Google, Microsoft, and Disney, and he has keynoted the National Conferences for Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), and the National School Boards Association (NSBA).

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Now You Can Name The Price

To Have Shane Feldman
Inspire Your Staff & Students

Budgets are tight, but you and your students deserve the best.


Limited time opportunity: great for slim budgets!​

Schools across the country need motivation and powerful strategies to transform school culture, build trust, empower students and better support their community.


Whether you're a student leader or a caring teacher, you probably feel like it's your responsibility to provide the resources your school needs… but budget constraints keep many individuals just like you from booking a speaker with a genuine life-changing message.

Shane Feldman knows firsthand what teens today are facing, and he wants to do more to help. 

Shane is more concerned with changing (and saving) lives than earning top-tier speaking fees, so he's decided to give back by offering you an incredible deal:

For a limited time, you can "Name Your Price"… and have the opportunity to bring Shane to your school!

Ask yourself… what would it be worth to you to provide your staff & students with transformational strategies and advice, including:


A proven strategy to increase graduation rates

Simple & effective ways to gain students’ trust

How to engage, inspire, and lead a culture shift 

Helpful deep-dive Q&A

Systems to better prepare students for college and life


Increase confidence & self-esteem

Overcoming challenges and adversity​​

Thrive in high-pressure situations​

Avoid burnout​

Take responsibility and make great choices

Make an impact as a student leader in your school and community

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If you’re thinking of bringing a truly impactful speaker to your next event — someone your audience will still be talking about by the time next year’s event rolls around — here are

6 reasons Shane Feldman is a perfect fit:

✅ TRUSTED by 1,038 schools & associations

✅ RECOGNIZED by The White House & The United Nations

✅ FEATURED on Larry King, Dr. Oz, Forbes, People Magazine

✅ TV - Shane's A&E series follows his community building work

✅ INSPIRING speaker who relates to both students AND teachers

✅ TIMELY TOPIC: Shane helps students thrive through chaos, and gives teachers the tools they need to better support their students now

Through his firsthand experiences traveling the globe and spearheading the world’s largest student-led movement, COUNT ME IN, Shane Feldman has decoded frameworks that enable individuals and teams to connect more authentically and perform at their highest levels.


Shane started COUNT ME IN as a high school project in 2008. Today, with an alumni network spanning 6 continents, COUNT ME IN is a grassroots social entrepreneurship incubator that has impacted more than 10 million students in 104 countries.


Over the past 10 years, COUNT ME IN has initiated more than 30,000 student leadership projects worldwide, contributing a value of over $2.6 billion to the global economy through service.


As CEO at COUNT ME IN, Shane has traveled the globe, researching leadership and human behavior in over 25 countries, uncovering the universal strategies that make teams click and communities thrive.


  • You'll feel empowered knowing that you're providing your students and community members with life-altering, actionable, engaging advice that will inspire them to become leaders instead of statistics!

  • You'll enjoy the praise of peers who wonder how you provided incredible motivation to your students… while staying within your organization's budget!

  • You'll rest easy knowing that you don't have to spend hours searching for a world-class, proven speaker!


What's Your Budget?


Budgets are tight, but you and your students deserve the best. 

If for some reason Shane Feldman can’t speak at your event - such as

scheduling conflicts - he will personally recommend a few speakers that

he has rigorously screened and personally works with.

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The presentation was fantastic. I was truly impressed by Shane's message. It was incredible.”


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